How to write a riddle

You've tried some riddles, used all of your brain power on some and now you want to give back to the community by creating your own? Here's a small guide to help you out in creating some good brain teasers.

First; if you haven't tried any riddle yet, then it's highly suggest you go and solve a few to get hang of it and see how things works.

Let start with rule #1. It is very important to have the least amount of grammatical error, especially in the solution.

Don't forget, exception for rule #1, these are only guideline to help you out. Originality is always important and fun. Having your own personal touch in riddle is enjoyable. It'ssugest you write your riddle in a text editor. The site automatically log people off after a few minutes and you will lose everything you wrote.


The title is required and might be the most important part of your riddle since it's the first thing people will see. Try to make it as original as possible. You don't want to have the same title as ten other riddles. It's also a good idea if your able to make the title somehow significant to the solution and even better if the title can have a subtle clue in itself. Since limited space is dedicated to the title, please keep it short and brief.


As you might of guess, the description is required. Note that the length of the riddle isn't significant as much as the content, some people like quick and easy riddles and others like to have longer and more thought provoking ones. If you want to make a riddle that needs specific skill or specialized knowledge, have some hint to help people out. People in here love new challenge and learning new things. Most of them will take the time to search google.


The solution is required. If you haven't notice, there are two types of riddles.

Stand for riddles that contain a simple solution where people can easily answer using a text box. If you have multiple possible answer, you can separate them with the | character. Take note, the site ignore accent and upper case. This means that it's not possible to have an answer that depends on accent or upper cases.
Stand for riddles that contain a complex solution where it can't be written in a text box. These are riddle that need a more develop solution. These brain teasers will not give out point, but don't worry people still love those kinds of riddles.


The explanation is not required. It's fun to add additional information/knowledge to a riddle. Sometime the solution can be hard and it's important to add explication for the admin to help them validate the riddle.


The question section is not required and is only used for riddle of type S. This will help people solve the puzzle by having a few words before and after the solution textbox. Some riddles need a specific way to write the answer. In this case, it is important to show the people an example how the answer should be written. This will remove unwanted frustration.

Here's an example.


Other Tips

This site gives a lot of tools to help you tweak your riddle. Take some time and look at what other people wrote as answer and you might find alternatives. Check out the forum and help out people by giving them hints.

This was built with the help of En Igma.