ToysForTheBrain is now officially opened to the public

ToysForTheBrain is now officially opened to the public

Gatineau, QC., June 19, 2006 - is now officially opened to the public. Everyone can rediscover the extraordinary relationship between themselves and their brain. Dedicated at creating a community, gathering all lovers of brain teaser, enigma and riddle, our goal is to have the greatest number of quality puzzles, allowing the biggest fanatics to submit their own creation and challenge the best players. Everyone is highly invited to come and put themselves to the test. offers everything someone needs to have fun for 5 minutes or for hours.

To be certain to offer net surfers puzzles of the highest quality, users can rate each puzzle for the level of difficulty and for how much fun it was to solve. Visitors are highly encouraged to add new brain teasers to the site, including their own. There is also a forum where people can exchange advices, commentary or simply experiences. Multiple category of puzzles can be found on the site; Riddles, Stories, Math, With Picture, With Object, Series, User Submitted. There is also a challenge section containing a series of very difficult questions that require a multiple set of skills from different categories. is an easy to use, no pop-up and no irrelevant or annoying ads website. The site will be in constant development and lots of new features will be added in the future. New puzzles are added constantly. is dedicated to the creation of the largest community of puzzle lovers and creating the biggest collection of quality brain teasers.

For more information, contact:

Stephane SansCartier