The Alchemist's Charade

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The first part is the symbol for a substance that can be easily found on your dinner table, in the sea and underground.

The second part is the symbol for a yellow, odourless substance that no alchemy lab could do without.

The third part is not quite a symbol like the others but the first syllable of the name from which the symbol is derived. This substance exists in the sun, in many stars and in our blood.

The fourth part is again a symbol for a substance that does not exist naturally. It can only be created inside a nuclear reactor and also features the longest-lived isotope. It is also known by a number (LXXXV).

The fifth and last part is a symbol for a dangerous substance that is more common than tungsten and was once added to glass for its fluorescent yellow (Annagelb) or green (Annagruen) effects.

All told, I will reveal the lesser known name of a creature you know plenty about.
Created 2009 - 03 - 01



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