the strange man

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He loked like a clown,
But he saved a town,
He is the one who took all the mice,
Which were spreading diseases,
And stealing others things and also rice,
By taking all the mice out of the town,
He saved all children and spouses,
And then came the time of his payment,
But the mayor didn't give him any money,
Beacause of his greed,
The man for money plead,
but the mayor didn't give him any.
This angered him,
So this time ,
By playing a sweet tune,
He took all children to another land,
And till the mayor did not give him money,
He did not return each parent's honey,
When he had his full amonut in his pocket,
Then only he left the chidren back home.

Created 2009 - 04 - 25



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