Fischer vs Spassky

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In Sinusville, two chess clubs (the Spassky Club and the Fischer Club) organize a match. The five top players of the two clubs play each other, i.e. the five top players of the Spassky Club play each of the top five players of the Fischer Club once and only once.

Each player thus plays 5 games; one per day. They play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the same week.

The story does not reveal who won the match; however, using the hints below, can you name the adversaries of the five games played on Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Alain, Bernard, Claude, Denis and √Čtienne are the top players of the Spassky club;

Albert, Bertrand, Christian, Didier and Emmanuel are the top players of the Fischer club;

The Alain-Bertrand and Claude-Albert games were held the same day;

The same was true for the Claude-Didier and Denis-Christian games and the Alain-Emmanuel and Denis-Albert games.

The Etienne-Christian game was held on Monday (which was not the case for the Claude-Bertrand game), the Alain-Albert game was held on Tuesday, the Claude-Emmanuel game was held on Wednesday and the Denis-Didier game was held on Thursday.
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