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In the sets of a movie, a fan accidentally came across the lead actor, Shahrukh Cahn's wallet. He quickly rummaged through the contents of the wallet and, on finding that it belonged to Shahrukh, flicked the actor's credit card and put the wallet back. However, the conniving thief hid the card and continued roaming the sets nonchalantly. When Shahrukh realised that his credit card had gone missing, he immediately alerted the security personnel. The security guards ran helter skelter and managed to zero in on 4 suspects: Prasad, Bhushan, Riten and Gaurav, who, according to reliable sources, were found lurking around near Shahrukh's Vanity van, from inside which the wallet was stolen.

The police were called in to interrogate the suspects using their latest gadget - the mobile lie detector. Each of the suspects made three statements during the interrogation. Transcripts from the investigation are as follows:


1. Prasad and I went to the same college.

2. Riten isn't old enough to possess a credit card.

3. The thief knew that it was Shahrukh's credit card.


1. Prasad is the thief.

2. Bhushan didnt do it.

3. I dont even know how to use a credit card.


1. I've met Bhushan today, for the first time in my life.

2. Riten's innocent.

3. Gaurav is the one who stole Shahrukh's credit card.


1. I know that Prasad is innocent.

2. I'm innocent too.

3. Bhushan did it!

With so many allegations and counter-allegations, the policemen couldn't reach a consensus to as to who the thief really was. To make matters worse, the lie-detector software has some bugs in it. It recorded that exactly four of the statements made by the suspects were true. However, it didn't record which ones.

Using this information, you need to detect the credit card thief.
Created 2009 - 08 - 31



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