Jungle story

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Colonel Carter was lost. He was in the middle of the wildest part of Pogologoland. Pogologoland was lost in the heart of darkest South America, which was quite a problem for poor Colonel Carter, especially since the intrepid explorer spoke not a word of Pogologo. He knew that Pogo meant either ‘Yes” or ‘No’, but he wasn’t sure which. And he was certain that Logo meant either ‘no’ or ‘yes’, but he wasn’t sure which.

Colonel Carter stumbled through the undergrowth in growing desperation. Suddenly he came across a native. ”This man will help me,” thought Colonel Carter to himself. Certainly the native looked friendly enough. The trouble was, although he could understand a bit of English, he could only speak in Pogologo.

“Am I headed for safety?” asked Colonel Carter.

“Pogo!” came the quick reply.

But what did the native’s answer mean? ”Yes” or “No”? Colonel Carter spoke only four more words and got the answer he wanted. What was Colonel Carter’s second question?

Created 2010 - 10 - 31

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