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Don’t Break the Bottle - Vise

At your next dinner party, graciously offer your guests a sampling of a favorite liquor. Present the bottle, clamped closed with the wooden VISE attachement.

Watch as they pull, push, and probe at the puzzle components in their struggle to release the libation from lock up.

Fits standard liquor, liqueur, high neck beer, and champagne bottlenecks, 1.5" wide max.

Will they earn themselves a well deserved snifter of Brandy? A shot of Tequila? A swing of Whiskey? A snort of Rum? A jigger of Gin? It's your party, you decide!

Objective: Free the bottle
Pieces: 3 wooden pieces
Size: 9 x 9 x 9 cm
Solution: Included (English, french)
Brand new: Yes
Does not include bottle

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Save on shipping with orders greater then 50$.

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